After hearing that Polaroid was closing its doors June 2008, First, I raced to every store I could find that had film in stock and paid through the nose for it.  Then, I got really sad.  I have always been a sucker for instant gratification, impatient, not one who is good with a wait, whatever...and Polaroids were right up my alley. They always make a party fun, for some reason, the lighting is always flattering, and odd little mistakes made the pictures so cool.  There was also something so ephemeral and at the same time permanent about them - the way they couldn't be deleted right away so history wasn't so instantaneously revised...

Now, I am happy to find out about The Impossible Project.  Their aim is "to re-start production of analog INTEGRAL FILM for vintage Polaroid cameras in 2010.  [They] have acquired Polaroid's old equipment, factory and seek your support." HOORAY!!!  The rationing is over!!! I am not only happy that I will be able to continue snapping away at parties, but also be able to enjoy killer artwork like the radness below...  Shake it, Shake it, Shake it, Shake it like an INTEGRAL FILM picture!

Photos By Grant Hamilton

The're asking for support.  GIVE IT!