I came across two very different (from the ordinary) but similar (to each other) things in the past few days. While re-perusing through the fall 2010/2011 collections, I couldn't help but stop and admire the collection of Adam Kimmel. While the clothes aren't really my style, there is no doubt that the "sartorial luxury" is there and I heartily appreciate the sense of humor that the designer injects into his presentations.

Speaking of a sense of humor...

What makes Ryan Berkley's prints so amazing is the exceptional amount of character he can supply to each one with the aid of the little descriptions. I was laughing out loud while exploring all his available creatures...

look at this little guy - all dressed up and ready for his school picture! Or maybe he is in one of those old timey western photo booths? Or maybe he actually is old-timey. I'll go ahead and let you decide. This is the perfect gift if you know someone who likes portraits of bunnies in suits (and really, isn't that almost everyone?).

Now, take a look at some of my favorite looks from the collection and prints from gallery. Brilliant, absurd, irreverent, charming...all things an out-of-the-ordinary head in a suit should most perfectly be.




So, I finally got my first leather jacket. I suppose I've been on the hunt for the perfect one for a few years now, as it is not a purchase one should just rush into. Drum roll please as I present it here....Mine is from Urban Behavior. I decided I had to have it after I toured their amazing LA showroom and it just spoke to me. It is the perfect length, the perfect feel (soft enough to roll the sleeves), and the perfect balance of simple design with the right amount of character.

Now, a leather jacket isn't quite a wardrobe staple, but more of a cherry on the top of a well styled one. Everyone can pull off a pea coat, but a leather jacket has equal potential to make a person look super cool (yay!) or like a super dork (yikes!).

Because of this double edged danger, finding the right one can be quite a journey...and it is only half the trouble. Before one even starts the hunt, they'll need to decide whether or not they even want to own one. So what we have here is not only just a style dilemma, but also a moral one.

Temple Grandin is all over the media these days thanks to HBO's biopic. Not just famous for having autism, Ms. Grandin made leaps and bounds in the humane treatment of the cattle she so dearly loved and related to. Humane is the key word here. Gaining headlines along with Temple is the term "Flexitarian." This is a newer idea in Vegetarianism where eating humanely raised meats is considered. The buzz word here is Sustainability. Is it better than fields of chemically and genetically altered veggies?

So, humane and sustain...I think I respect my coat enough to keep it around for a long time...the fact that I got a sweet deal on it helps too...I can absolve myself from any blood money guilt.

As for style...I have to admit that my main inspiration for wanting a coat as been deeply rooted in my early and thorough love for Grease 2. I desperately wanted to be a cool rider! Unfortunately, I was way more Stephanie Zinone than I was Michael Carrington. Now that I have grown up and into as much machismo as i can muster, I think my coat is the perfect marriage of both characters...

...and I suppose that too could be what I've always wanted...for this iconic couple to be together, or ever, and ever...

My coat makes me this happy.




This past weekend (Feb. 19th) was Shepard Fairey's opening reception at the Zaha Hadid designed Contemporary Art Center in my home town of Cincinnati, Ohio. To commemorate the event and his show "Supply and Demand" a limited edition poster (above) was created. Personally, I love it. I think it captures the architecture of the building, I'm into the mood of Communist propaganda, and it makes me proud of my little city...

The Enquirer/Joseph Fuqua II

Not only did we get a poster, but Cincinnati now plays host to a handful of his murals as well! Here is the artist braving the ice and snow to slap up some of his work at 13th and Main Streets. The party was a MADHOUSE with a line around the block...and down a block...and down another block... As frustrating as crowds can be, it was quite refreshing to see so many people in such a conservative town lined up to participate in something I assumed was so out of the box for them. Well, you know what they say about making ASSumptions.... The man himself DJ'ed a set and because the crowd was so large they kept the party going an extra hour and a half! Way to go CAC! Hope your prosecco hangovers weren't so bad...

Now, its funny how things always seem to line up. While shopping last week in LA, I was really impressed by the Obey Propaganda collection I saw at Atmosphere in Los Feliz. The line just keeps getting better and better!. Basic grey is one of my favorite colors for spring and Obey always has such good ones. The ultra thin sweatshirt (creature comforts crew) has to be at the top of my list of must haves...While they lack the bold graphic prints that really define the brand, the little pocket t-shirts and tanks are also amazing.

And while the jeans are terrific (loving that light blue wash!) the Juvee short are the way to go. How good is this?




Pheromone by artist Christopher Marley caught my eye recently. I'm fascinated by the continual struggle between man and nature, and this particular aesthetic posited by the entomologist/artist is a beautifully tight argument for harmony between the two. Part science project and part design concept, Marley hypnotically arranges these seemingly mystical creatures into lucid sense. The images really make you think of "Grand Design" on multiple levels.

This is not the only time actual insects have been used in art. Damien Hirst has long been utilizing butterflies in his remarkable (and my favorite) works. While Marley's work leans towards science, I think Hirst's references to religion are quite brilliant too.

But, if you aren't so crazy about real bugs, you can take the argument in a more abstract direction. Here are some examples of some ultra luxury items that can bug you out with out freaking you out...



Finally, If you don't like bugs at all, Marley has some FABULOUS things out of flowers, shells, fossils, and (love) minerals.

You can buy this one for me on the wesbite...