The first big wave of Spring travel is upon us. While I believe it is always a good time to jaunt around the globe and show off your goody bags, this is the perfect opportunity to posit a few ways to present a little more savvy and, well, taste when choosing just what bags you are going to be exhibiting around various locales. I have a current top three I'd take just about anywhere...and show anybody that was sober enough to ask...

First, we have the amazing tote by Property Of... that can fit just about anything for a quick little getaway. I travel light and hate to check bags. I could probably get a weeks worth of living into this one...I'd just have to ship anything else I got along the way home.

Next up is this adorably nifty computer bag. "Trash" by Travelteq is the perfect case to bring the most important accessory (after sunscreen) around. I love the size (enough room for a little bit more but not too much) color blocking, zippers, and shape, and it is always nice to have a computer handy without feeling like a (total) geek.

Finally, the must have excess-ory of the season...Christian Schoeler x Louis Vuitton via menswear designer Paul Helbers bags are OUT OF THIS WORLD GOOD. Hell, if I had this bag, why travel? I'd just live in it...and you could visit me.



KZO is an LA based brand that I have been liking for a while. Over the fall they had some amazing wovens (a specific black one that was too cute for words). DSquared was a bit literal, but this spring Joel K is direct on point to make me want to set up camp, drink around a fire, roast things, and sleep under the stars...all while looking fabooooo! Get the here.




The best kinds of creative projects happen organically. They come from a simple spark and manage to grow effortlessly in front of you. Mine literally came from a spark - I wanted to make a special valentine for my friend "Sparky." This led to a really cool capsule jewelry collection at my favorite LA store Atmosphere inspired by natural and semi-precious stones, their gemstone properties & meanings and their astrological relationship to the wearer.

In order to modernize the hippie mumbo-jumbo that can usually result from acute fascinations within this realm of mysticism, I focused on primary colors (jade, jasper, lapis, malachite etc.), geometric shapes, and asymmetry. I'm into the balance and dis-balance of two conflicting ideas making sense on a string...and if they played music, they would sound like the Moody Blues Days of Future Past.




Check out this digital short. Produced with JW Anderson's AW/1011 collection. He is one of my favorite new designers. Once you fall in love with it too, check out the available pieces at Oki-Ni.