Last minute gift ideas are always appreciated, so I submit to you the newest tees from Peter vs. Toby - a sexy little line from down under that has quickly become a personal fave. While T-shirts may seem like a no-brainer, finding the perfect graphic shirt is always a pain in the A+. These are so fun...AND while the prints are universal, they wont be omnipresent.




It is getting BLUSTERY out there! It only took a few months for winter to catch up with me (I guess global warming is good for some things), and now that we are mid-holidays, the chill + the invites to Ugly Sweater Parties = me rethinking the "Holiday Sweater."

I'm a fan of bold. I love color, and I'm feeling big/chunky knits right now. The flip side is that a bold sweater can say a lot or even a little too much, think Bill Cosby. So, how do you manage to stay bold yet not step on anyones eyes?

I found some inspiration in what is called "Urban Knitting" or "Yarn Bombing!" This amazing little graffiti trend is popping up all over the glob and knocking my F* socks off! The daring, bold and deliberate nature of this knitting is so awe inspiring; not only for what it brings to the streets, but also for its ability to really have fun and play with urban icons.

clockwise: Les Hommes, Gianfranco Ferre, Missoni, Robert Geller, Thom Browne, Miharayasuhiro

Now, getting back to the sweaters...or seasonal icons...I'm taking a lesson from these urban knitters and going bold and brave and knitted this fall! Here are some amazing feats done with just two sticks, some yarn, and a lot of imagination...oh, and the yarn-bombing isn't half bad either...

Alexander McQueen


Vivienne Westwood





I am a sucker for a good figurine. I like the kitch, I like the chotch, and I like how looking at cute little things can spark up memories a lot better than a picture on a desk or table or shelf could. Above is "Duckie." Inspired by my ex who pointed out that this smug little expression was just the look I always make, he is one of my very favorites.

I'm not the only one on Team Figurine. While my argument for them is based on the meaning you put into them, Barnaby Bradford makes a great argument for the inherent meaning they can seemingly possess and the exquisite irony that can manifest from them. Below are two pieces from his collection The Good, The Bad, The Belle.

Do It Again, I Didn't Press Record

According to the 31-year-old, the works in his collection were developed to represent today's youth and how it is usually seen by the older generation.

The artists said: "It's been interesting to see different people's reactions to the models. Some people think they're horrific and others think they're funny. I think people are shocked because the models catch them off guard - they're seeing these usually traditional, pretty porcelain models in a totally new context."

He acquires the original porcelain models from car-boot sales as well as from charity shops. Then Mr. Barford dismantles them and starts transforming the "naive" image of childhood into more humorous and contemporary image of today's kids, equipping his figures with modern attributes like mobile phones and fast-food meals, which he thoroughly makes. SOURCE

Happy Meal