I am totally into all things blind. I was desperate to take a look at the new television show Dating in the Dark, and even begged my friend over at Logjammin' to watch it with me. I had a feeling it would be culturally relevant, but never imagined it would be so cringe-tastic! The whole idea of meeting people in the dark and drawing conclusions etc. was fascinating, and got me thinking of all kinds of scenarios...which the show indulgently played out.

I began thinking too about an NPR story I heard a while back about dining in the dark. The restaurant was waaaaaay over in Zurich and I was waaaaaaay over in Ohio, but I was enthralled about the experience. So much that when I moved to LA and caught wind of a place in West Hollywood called Opaque that delivered the same concept, I was quick to make a reservation.

Now, I may not be the only person thinking that blind is the new black. A handful of my favorite avant garde designers seemed to be looking forward to a future where looking forward isn't necessarily a possibility for their Spring 2010 collections. When my friends and I play with that book If, I have always answered the question, "If you had to loose one of your senses, which would it be?" with an unwavering "Smell!" Now I may have to rethink that answer...at least temporarily....  

Henrik Vibskov S/S 2010

Peter Petrov S/S 2010

Boris Bidjan Saberi S/S 2010

Wooyoungmi S/S 2010




Summer: 'Tis the season to hit the malls. If not to just avoid the heat, but it gives one time to look at all of the trends of yesteryear and see how they have all trickled town to the streets. There is also something quite comforting about standing inside of a Gap/Guess/AppleStore/J. Crew... whatever... closing your eyes and pretending you are anywhere in the world - A poor man's summer travels...sigh... I took an environmentally controlled walk down memory lane yesterday and was surprised at how fast things are now moving from runway to mallway. There was also this omnipresent style of shirt that I was quite drawn too. It is derivative and superlative at the same time, and completely sums up my trip to the Auntie Anne's scented bubble of...ooooh!  A new lip balm at Sephora!!!

Where was I?  Oh yes...This shirt.  Its cute, no? I love the adjustable length sleeve and slim/wrinkly cut. Keep at it corporate America! Find one in any store in any mall anywhere.  

Hollister Co.'s

Banana Republic's




So there has been lots of family time recently and I love it. A particular favorite thing to do is play LEGOS with my nephew. He is as obsessed with them as I once was and forgot! It is quiet addictive to sit with a pile of colorful blocks in front of you and just build, build, build. To satisfy our ever growing need for better and cooler LEGOS, I took it upon my self to fish for some fun fashion finds that can take you back and keep you creative any day of the week...and not just in the play room...this S* is street ready!

The keychains are really rad. I love the metallic LEGO man! I have got a few that I attach to bags and zippers, and have even worn on a long chain as a necklace. 

Check out this NY Times LEGO abstract city too...




I went to a toy store with my six (and a half!) year-old niece the other day and we picked out a coloring book we could both enjoy. She is quite the little artist and I am quite the indulgent uncle...okay, okay, I wanted it too...

The cover pattern immediately made me think of the Dries collection in Paris. I love his 50s graphics and color pallet combined with his modern perspective for the "Tokyo Meets Calcutta" Spring 2010 collection. The only thing that didn't gel for me was the rainbow pallet the coloring book utilized. But it got me thinking, "Maybe I could color the pages to more accurately reflect some of my favorite Paris S/S 2010 collections that really pushed the color/pattern limits!"

The shows, in general, were very somber in their tonal range, but if you have been following this blog at all, you know that I am a fan of color and will hunt it down. Lucky for me there were some usual suspects who really delivered. Below are a few pages I colored while playing babysitter...

Dries Van Noten 

Comme des Garcons

John Galliano




Spring 2010

OK.  Its a guilty pleasure...and I guess I'm not over skinny jeans yet...




My favorite trend since tie-dye has got to be sheer. I like how you can layer it. I like that it motivates a person to work out. I like how modern it is, how sexy it is, how fun it is, and how silly it is. Mostly, I like how it enables a person to simultaneously look clean and dirty.

Like all good trends, it should make you think. It must not be taken so seriously, and it must be given some room to evolve. A few masters have captured the moment well, and have offered amazing pieces ready to walk.  While we wait for these piping fresh treats to reach retailers around the world, I'd like to take a moment and turn to the younger generations and peek at where this "sheer thing" might be going.

It seems a turn towards fantasy x-ray may be the next step? Actual sheer clothing is quite beautiful and leaves little to the imagination, while artistic representations of what lies beneath lets a person play with who and what they are on the inside. I've always been interested in the representation of "self" in the every day, and this trend (or style vein) really articulates a more naked display of who a person is.

The last photo of Jack was taken on his birthday (July). He was allowed to wear anything he wanted on his special day - revealing himself most purely to the outside world. I was impressed. Not that we should all go out and wear costumes, but really enjoy who we are via what we wear.  After all, isn't that a real goal of style?   

Dior 2010

Tim Hamilton 2010

Central St. Martin BA 2009

Jack 2020




Formerly a barn, a brothel, the studios and galleries of Francis Bacon and Lucien Freud, and most recently Maison Martin Margiela, 1-9 Bruton Place now houses the new purpose-designed live studio as well as the retail space. The SHOWstudio SHOP enables the public to experience the outstanding creativity and origniality expected from SHOWstudio.com, first hand.

The SHOWstudio SHOP opened to the public 14 July. 

and across the pond...

Check out P. Lim at his Robertson store. Even better, check out the Art of Elysium - an amazing cause that deserves support.




I am still digesting the Paris shows for Spring 2010. While Milan was amazingly fun and vibrant, Paris was a bit more subdued and elegant with a sharp wedge of nihilistic futurism. A pinnacle collection for me was Riccardo Tisci's "Latin Boy Goes to Morocco" for Givenchy. It hit all my favorite marks: textured layers, drop-crotch pants, leggings and shorts, hoods, great sandals, and skinny/flowing textures. 

It was the patterns of the collection that struck me the hardest. They jumped off the fabrics with a modern, graphic edge that reminded me strongly of the op-art of Victor Vasarely. Between 1953 and 1965 he was in his Black & White phase that was the foundation of his surface-defying technique. A Hungarian expatriate himself, I'm sure he would relate to the wandering Latino. 

This collection was also special in that the designer was due to meet Michael Jackson as a new client shortly before the singer's passing. The reflection of The Gloved One has been noted in this particular runway presentation, particularly in the studded stars.

Enjoy some of my favorite looks from the show enhanced with some inspiring op-art by Monsieur Vasarely... 




It is hard to become a fan of getting your photo taken. At first, it is unsettling how many people run around with cameras, know all their angles, and are somehow experts at taking photos of themselves with their arm streatched waaaaaay out. Then came The Cobrasnake: not only did you have to look cute, but now you had to look stand out fun! Ugh, the pressure just to get some digital snapshots! Now, there are hundreds of party photo scenesters, and every photo ever taken seems to be posted on facebook within minutes of the flash, you have to quickly master your angles and lean-ins...


I'm liking the whole "Who gives a F*" attitude and exaggerated anarchy look of shakyface. (self-explanatory, no?  Just shake your face fast and loosely while the photo is being snapped) Not only do you get AMAZING photos, but they are really special. Who wants to be the girl who always makes the same face? The trend has been popping up at some parties I have been to, and I have even started doing it with my friends to punctuate special days out.  Not to be out-done, my BFF even had everyone at her ultra-cool wedding do it! I must say, the professional quality of the photos really does add another level to the whole process of presenting yourself.

So, see and be seen, have a good time, be yourself, and don't panic when a kid with a big camera gets all up in your bizzy - just give some good shakyface and party on!

the lovely bride and her brother

the lucky groom

the bridesmaid

the minister




A stylist (boy)friend of mine gave me the solid advice to never where flip-flops. "They are gross, tacky, impossible to make cool, and make you look like you don't care at all." Yikes! After that, I wished my flip-flopped feet would curl up and die under my house like the Wicked Witch of the East. But good advice, while hard to swallow, is still good advice. He was a doll and bought me a sweet $10 pair of woven huaraches, and I saved my flops strictly for on beach/in house use. Now my troubles are finding more shoes that are just as easy...

Here they are. The Generic Man and their lower priced line Generic Surplus are amazing. Easy cool and comfortable, they look great with shorts or pants or even a suit (swim or 3-piece). Here are a few of my faves (the mesh ones above are THE BEST!) 

GM - Tuxman

GS - Plimsol

GM - Golfer




It's funny how such little things can make a big difference, like the nuances of what makes a city tick, or the particular way people engage in their lives. What am I getting at...Chicago is a funny town. I love how helpful and chatty everyone is. While taking a cross-town walk cocktail break, I struck up conversation with a terrific pair who suggested I check out Hejifina for some post drinks shopping. A tiny store I could have walked right by, it had some amazing things for a town I thought was more Corn Queen Ceremony than Opening Ceremony. My mistake. 

If you are in Chi-town, check it out! If you aren't, head to the online shop and take advantage of some sick sales. Here are a few of my fave pics... 

Sabatino tank

Robert Geller Henley

1529 n milwaukee * chicago, il 60622 * 773.772.0002




Not everyone was so artsy fartsy in Milan.  Some of my favorite looks from the S/S 2010 shows had nothing to do with incorporating literal art into the clothes. Each created a strong mood and attitude that said, "I don't need your art class!" All these boys are looking good, and have some great excuses as to why they skipped out...

Ferragamo - "I was working on a poem, and didn't hear the bell..."

Z Zegna - "My pocket watch broke..."

Burberry - "I'm just a European exchange student..."

D&G - "My horse broke down..."

Marni - "I take art at the college..."

Moncler Gamme Blue - "I had swim practice..."

Versace - "Versace...wait, what was the question..."