AND A.039

Blue is my favorite color. I love it. There is something cool and calming and wonderful about the right shade of it. Nobody knew this better than Yves Klein who in 1958 began using International Klein Blue (IKB) as a central component in his work. He believed the color most purely expressed what he wanted his art to convey.

Now, Adidas has created a signature shade of blue (named A.039) to be used in their Adidas Originals Spring 2010 line. I haven't seen much of the it, but the idea is a golden one and I can't wait to learn more about it. Adidas has always pushed the envelope for art in advertising, and brings the same energy to fashion.

Now who can be blue about that...

Yves Paints his models blue for a little art action.

Adidas does some art of its own.

Chanel uses IKB for a bag.

A look from Adidas Original.