My favorite trend since tie-dye has got to be sheer. I like how you can layer it. I like that it motivates a person to work out. I like how modern it is, how sexy it is, how fun it is, and how silly it is. Mostly, I like how it enables a person to simultaneously look clean and dirty.

Like all good trends, it should make you think. It must not be taken so seriously, and it must be given some room to evolve. A few masters have captured the moment well, and have offered amazing pieces ready to walk.  While we wait for these piping fresh treats to reach retailers around the world, I'd like to take a moment and turn to the younger generations and peek at where this "sheer thing" might be going.

It seems a turn towards fantasy x-ray may be the next step? Actual sheer clothing is quite beautiful and leaves little to the imagination, while artistic representations of what lies beneath lets a person play with who and what they are on the inside. I've always been interested in the representation of "self" in the every day, and this trend (or style vein) really articulates a more naked display of who a person is.

The last photo of Jack was taken on his birthday (July). He was allowed to wear anything he wanted on his special day - revealing himself most purely to the outside world. I was impressed. Not that we should all go out and wear costumes, but really enjoy who we are via what we wear.  After all, isn't that a real goal of style?   

Dior 2010

Tim Hamilton 2010

Central St. Martin BA 2009

Jack 2020