I am not much of a gamer, but I do have a few games that I am OBSESSED with.  One of them just so happens to have a new chapter who's gameplay was recently leaked onto YouTube, and it got me so pumped to spend hours indoors.  I don't know if it the sexy lead character, the sexy settings, the sexy ass kicking, the sexy Greek myths that remind me of when I was a kind and would rush up to the elementary school library on Library Day to beat all of the other kids to the big gory picture book on Greek Myths (like there would have been competition for it - HA!), or the fact that I am simply sexy-amazing at the game. Whatever the reason, all I know is that this game turns me into a dude halfway out the door to stand in line at Best Buy in a Star Trek costume counting down the days till they will let us girlfriend-less nerds in to pee ourselves as we hold it in our sweaty hands. 

I am Kratos.

link to video of gameplay HERE.




I recently went into a Meijer store.  It is kind of like a K-mart that did it with a Target doing it with a grocery store.  It is intense.  While my friend picked up some necessities, I thought it would be fun to see what kind of things they were offering up in the clothing department.  Never in one million years would I have thought that I would find the RADDEST F*ING T-SHIRT there - this fluorescent yellow sexy reflective graphic on it shirt.  They actually had two varieties, Carhartt and Dickies.  I get that it is intended for construction, but you don't know what will happen if you bring  this hotness into the bar/club atmosphere.  I do.  People will buy you drinks all night and ask if they can try on your shirt.  




Smiley Body Rubbing Friction Massage Oil

This isn't the newest product out there, but man is it a nice one.  First, I was visually drawn to the package, not even knowing what it was (way to go yellow).  Next, I smelled it...like a monkey.  Sometimes shopping can be so primitive.  I then learned from reading the label that it is an epidermal stimulating massaging oil with micro-nutrients to activate happiness.  Hooray for evolution!  Well, I love all of those words!  Then words that were a little less sexy like, monoaminated alkaloids, phenylethylamine, pharmacodynamic...zzzzz.  Oh wait!  More good ones...euphoria, endorphins, friction, psycho-active cocktail...thats better.  So, I am eager to not just rub the sample all over my hands and arms (like a monkey), but find a willing, evolved participant (who does or doesn't have to know how to read) to share in the Smiley.  




I love wearing scarves...actually, I love buying them, I love having them, I love showing them off....and especially love wearing them.  They are just a cool way of bringing quark, color and style into a normal everyday outfit.  I also like finding new ways of bringing them in.  I used to rock the bandit scarf, the do-rag, wrapped around an arm or wrist (all still valid ways of getting one's scarf on), but my new favorite way of knotting and wearing scarves has got to be like this.  Watch the video to see how it can be done on a variety of scarf types, or just check out my sexy grandma spreading her 94 all over this look.   

 * crown of thorns    * big beads



I have never been the type of person to walk around without a shirt...NOT that I don't want to, rather I don't seem to have the balls.  Lucky for me, I can do the next best thing with these little darlings I found at the AA factory in downtown LA.  Not only are the the softest most amazing fabric in the whole wide world, they also work photoshop-like wonders for your body.  They are like a soft lens on your torso giving just the slightest illusion of a better version of you naked.  They are amazing for layers, with skinny jeans as a tunic type top, with shorts kind of half tucked in, anything.  It really is the perfect T-shirt for when you wanna be a little skanky but can't seem to grow a pair, or if it is just a little too cold to be walking around titties out.    

I can see my neighbor's house through this one...wave hello...



If you find yourself in Philadelphia, head to Queens Village and hit up this amazing vintage/consignment shop.  The owner Dan has the best eye when it comes to collecting the most outrageous goodies.  Every time I walk into this place I find new things I have to get.  Below is a sampling a few of my latest acquisitions.  Don't be jealous,  go to Wilbur and get some for yourself!  There may still be this amazing YSL vintage 80's sweater that I totally should have gotten but was too stupid at the time to pick up there...

* 716 S. 4th St.  *  Philadelphia PA  *  19147  *



Growing up I had this picture in my home.  It isn't quite a picture because it is sewn on to some kind of potato sack, but at the same time, it is quite a picture.  I love it to pieces and have always wanted to feel and look just like the jaunty fellow in it.  Now, it seems that I may have my opportunity... 

Photos by Matthew Brindle (who is fantastic) for BUCK magazine (which is amazing) 

Self portraits by a little style genius named N found at lookbook.nu

So, with all this inspiring spring in the air...and in my step, I now have a new little costume to go out and spread the cheer in.  I don't think I could pull it off everyday, but every once in a while that special BBQ invite comes down the pipe...and when it doe watch out - I just may give the weenies a run for the hottest thing there. 




I just found these scents, and they are amazing. I normally don't pay attention to what I smell like, but these make me want to care more. I think it is nice to smell good, but it is so painful to find the right aroma that fits you and doesn't make you smell like an eighth-grader trying to get a feel of butt at a school dance. So gross. These have great names and don't have the typical cologne smell. They actually make you smell like a room you want to be in. One of them kind of reminds me of what that store The Nature Company used to smell like when I was little and was able to run in and pick out things that glowed in the dark and little crystals and rocks for my collection. Obviously that one is my favorite. Its called Hindu Grass.



So, I am going to reread this book over the weekend. I forgot how much I loved it...Not only are his images the most amazing things in the world, but the ideas behind them and what they bring up are really cool. The whole idea of objective reality put in the simple context of color permanence makes me really scared. I like that. Take the passion even further and try this activity...

Go get one of these...

And one of these...

And try the concepts out for yourself. They are fun, and creepy, and educational, and when you are done you have these cool projects that you can leave on your coffee table and freak people out with...Make it even better by keeping them on this bauhaus nesting table by the man himself. Hoodie Hoo.




There is a way to do graphic color and there is a way to do graphic color.  I am super into it right now, especially when it is done the second way. It's a lotta bit mod, a little bit pop, a lotta bit class, a little bit f* you, but it can work.  

Here are some tips: 

love the dots/purse.        

love the interesting pairing.
love the little skirts.      

love the white.                  

What I think works best is: the busier the pattern, the fewer colors involved, and when white is worked into the mix, I think it makes the colors look way more art school.  


Fella's, don't feel left out, check out these F* rad shoes...



Not that i don't love my North Face backpack, but I feel like i really need to step up my game.  It is hard to find the right bag - one that fits all you could ever want at any given moment, small enough to not over burden you, cool enough that people won't care you are carrying a bag (and may even want one themselves), and rare enough that you won't find a twin walking down the street.  These are the front runners:  YES PLEASE.

David David Spring/Summer 09

Samsonite Black Label by Viktor & Rolf

Both are available at Colette.  




Its nice to have those things that will always look right and work right.  I guess you would call them classics.  I haven't brought too many into my fold, I tend to err on the ephemeral side of things, and I lose things ALL the time, but occasionally I stumble onto something that I find has stuck around longer than I expected,  it's function impeccably integrated.  Ever since I got one from a besties for my birthday a few years back, I have not been able to live without my CDG wallet.  I've lost it twice but it has always (thankfully) made it's way back to me. 

 Once, I swear to God, I went back to a bar at 2 AM to retrieve it only to realize the I had somehow lost my cellphone in the process of finding my wallet - somewhere between my car out front and the bartender I had just been talking to on the phone IN my car.  Ridiculous, I know, but I feel that my cellphone knew how sad I was (since I had been crying into it for 45 minutes)  and changed itself into my wallet (maybe just to shut me up).  Even if not,  I  was still one million times happier having the wallet.   So I called it a night thanking the brave little cellphone for giving its life in exchange for my...where was I... 

They come in a variety of colors and styles, the Ziparounds pictured here are my FAVES, so find the color and pattern that suits you best, then always look like a champ when you pony up to the bar for a round.  I found Show in Los Angeles and Barneys New York to carry the best styles and be the most helpful in ordering what you want if they don't have it in stock.



A hobby of mine is cooking.  It is not a frequent hobby, but I enjoy it from time to time and have developed a fun way tackle what can often times be a laborious chore:  I try to make up 4-ingredient dishes.  I'm not sure if it is because I like the challenge of finding the right 4 elements or because I am lazy.  Either way...

Here is a simple recipe for a delicious little meal/salad.  I have made it a few times for and with a few people and it has never disappointed.  For those of you with Top Chef taste but Hell's Kitchen skills, TRY THIS AT HOME!


What You Will Need

*Chopped Black Walnuts  
 *Belgian Endives         
*Goddess Dressing       
*Pitted Dates           

  Toast the walnuts.
Chop the dates. 
Chop the Endive.
(secret:  burn the walnuts a little - trust me)


Mix the toasted walnuts and chopped dates so the dates aren't too sticky, and arrange the endive in a large bowl.

Toss the walnuts/dates, endive, and dressing together when you are ready to eat it up!


If you have an easy recipe to share, shoot it my way!




I think I could rock these all spring. When I was a kid in middle school, all I ever wanted to wear was sweat pants. I cried when my mom asked me to put on jeans, and practically died when she ask me to try corduroy. I have since learned to incorporate both into my life however, there is still a major soft spot for the comfy, stretch pant. In LA I would host Legging Parties where we would just lounge around in our favorites (usually AA's 50/25/25) but, man alive, do I wish I had these sweet babies from Burton to turn out!

Under shorts or by themselves. I'd wake up in them, go to bed in them, and make people jealous all over town in between.
* I just wish I had a pet deer to follow me around in these...
* don't even get me started about how rad these are...

* harder to pull off, kind of Balenciaga-ish, but robot legs would be sweeeeeet...