Smiley Body Rubbing Friction Massage Oil

This isn't the newest product out there, but man is it a nice one.  First, I was visually drawn to the package, not even knowing what it was (way to go yellow).  Next, I smelled it...like a monkey.  Sometimes shopping can be so primitive.  I then learned from reading the label that it is an epidermal stimulating massaging oil with micro-nutrients to activate happiness.  Hooray for evolution!  Well, I love all of those words!  Then words that were a little less sexy like, monoaminated alkaloids, phenylethylamine, pharmacodynamic...zzzzz.  Oh wait!  More good ones...euphoria, endorphins, friction, psycho-active cocktail...thats better.  So, I am eager to not just rub the sample all over my hands and arms (like a monkey), but find a willing, evolved participant (who does or doesn't have to know how to read) to share in the Smiley.