The Fall 2009 Mens Fassion issue of T magazine caused a few deja vu moments for me. I can only think that my blog must be doing something right! I am a huge fan of T and always read it over a few times. In fact, the inspiration for my leggings fetish sprouted from their very pages.

Below are a few coincidences I found between Tmag and BR...enjoy...I know I did...

The reference to Yves Klein is reminds me of THIS POST I made when I was in LA and working on Rodeo...I had to hide what I was doing from my boss who had camera's everywhere and remote access to my computer...ugh...that really made me blue.

I am a huge fan of geometric graphic prints too! I really like the Pierre Hardy shoes featured on page 52. I was floored when they were compared to Victor Vasarely - much like I did HERE when I was inspired by the Givenchy S/S 2010 show.

Now, I love the emails and the comments everyone leaves for me, but to know that what I'm doing here on my little blog sometimes touches on wider, more refined opinion really makes me feel good about what I'm doing. Now, excuse me...I have to go to the hospital...I seem to have broken my arm...