If anyone saw Tom Ford's A Single Man, and I'm sure a ton of you did (and should) I'm sure you also saw the SWEATER that Nicholas Hoult (aka Kenny) was wearing. Now, the whole film was quite stunning, but any time that fuzzy cloud was on screen I was compelled to keep staring at it. It was really tense. I didn't know if I loved it or hated it. Finally, when he tore it off on the beach I had a minor panic attack about it getting covered in sand. Lucky for me it didn't creep into many more scenes, but it burned a deep, wonderful scar in my brain.

I have decided that I do indeed LURVE the sweater, and lucky for me Viktor & Rolf have done a tamer version of the fuzzy-wuzzy for Fall 10/11.





I must confess, I DO love Antiques Roadshow. First, it has to be the subtle way cash is involved. They can put it on PBS, but it is still a game show. Second, the stories. Who doesn't enjoy a good Cinderella? I love when some random piece of history, because of some random twist of fate, goes from holding spare nuts and bolts in the basement to causing hysteria among auctioneers and appraisers (an assumed mellower crowd). Finally, sometimes you just see things that are cool that you never would have come across otherwise.

My secret affinity towards the show is now peeping out into my taste for furniture - much to my surprise. Typically a Knoll man, I was kinda confused the first time I looked at a silly little decorative chair and thought, "that's good."

I haven't really come to terms with patterned fabrics on them yet, though oversized geometric shapes could be good - like two or three block colors a - could be good, I'm really feeling the vibrant solids on these old school seats...




A friend of mine just informed me that January is even colder than December. The horror! I was so good keeping myself warm and fuzzy over the holidays, that I (sugar)plumb forgot that the new year does not mark a new season. Well, ready or not, I'm gonna move on...

I'm currently ready to slide into some Spring '10 by Mr. Richard Chai. GQ calls the look "deceptively simple looking, but built with inventive structuring and stitching." I can't disagree. And, what better place to wear these structural wonders than on the perfect balcony?!

Goodbye Romeo's skinny jeans, hello modern romance. I'm thinking more of a Juliet meets Pip, and they live in Miss Havisham's house playing out an Evita scenario...

All these balconies are from Philadelphia so maybe your could toss in a little bit of Rocky Balboa attitude, mixed with some founding fathers' snobbery? How's that lookin'...?