The summer has ended and Fall has begun. Most of us are excited that the new season of shows has cropped up, but I for one am totally bummed that TrueBlood has come to an end! As Monday begins, I feel a little less okay about the impending week. More than anything, I miss the sexy, dirty, gritty, sweet opening credits the show offered: quite possibly the most artistic credits on TV. I suppose this YouTube video will be my TrueBlood brand of refreshment until I can sink my teeth into the next season...




When I can, I love catching up on what my friends are doing. So many people have so many wonderful projects going on right now! In the forefront is Mr. Seth Pratt. I am LOVING on the long johns! Kindareminda me of THIS.

Take a gander at his upbeat primary colored collection of must have romper-wear then, if you are lucky enough to be in LA, check out his stuff at the New High Mart's Cosmic Collision.




After a far-too-long stint showing in Milan, Christopher Bailey has brought the brand home...and...the collection couldn't be better!

As Sarah Bower says on www.style.com : ‘A shining, silver paillette-encrusted trenchcoat sparkling on the runway as metallic confetti rained down: This is the memory London fashion week will have of its 25th anniversary—and the Burberry show that ended it.….‘The message was Burberry gone short, draped, deluxe, and glamorous, and aimed at the very young.’

I am loving the draped (almost woven) tops, and the whole modern edge the iconic British Dandy is adopting. It's a little bit high tea, a little bit Punk, and a little bit Calvin Klein...when Calvin was at the helm...and a whole lotta London.

If you can't wait to get your hot little hands on the new goods, check out my-wardrobe for the best deals on the gotta have plaid right now! A classic is a classic, and it is BACK in a BIG way.



I was curious...going into fall what color trends would pop up...I am not in LA as much and am fearful that I may slip into an AllBlackEastCoastForMonths mentality. While I won't hold myself ridged to these statistics, and they are only from one spot on the Fashion Map, it is a nice little go to get color theraped...

The Pantone Color Institute published a report on the top colors for fall 2009 as described by designers showing at New York fashion week. Pantone’s executive director says that the colors chosen are “a direct outcome of what’s happening in the world around us.”

1. Iron (Pantone 18-1306): Percentage of designers who used this color, 16.5
2. Purple Heart (Pantone 18-3520): 15.6
3. Majolica Blue (Pantone 19-4125): 12.8
4. American Beauty (Pantone 19-1759): 11.9
5. Honey Yellow (Pantone 16-1143): 10.1
6. Rapture Rose (Pantone 17-1929): 9.2
7. Burnt Sienna (Pantone 17-1544): 8.2
8. Warm Olive (Pantone 15-0646): 7.3
9. Nomad (Pantone 16-1212): 5.6
10. Creme Brulee (Pantone 13-1006): 2.8




I know, I know...I love the Vans, I love the "sheer" and I love customizing things. This adorable pair was spotted @ Trader Joes, and I had to take a pic! The wearer/art student must have channeled a little Monty Python when she made these. I'm digging them!



DYAD is an exclusive collaboration with Topman LENS previewing their Autumn/Winter 09 collection. Directed by Alex Johns, this short film questions time, place and what is reality. The two men – the dyad – appear in a wasteland, seemingly from nowhere. We don’t know where they have come from or what their connection is; they are together but somehow apart. Topman is launching the LENS collection in a new permanent space in their Oxford Circus branch as part of a large expansion of the store. We wish them the best of luck! 0source: buckstyle


Directed by Alex Johns

Photography by Holly Falconer

Styling by Elliott James Sainsbury

Original Score by Laurence Matthew

Hair & Make-up: Suki Miles

Photographer’s assistant: Lewis Smith

Models: Thomas Keyes and Wesley at mandp models




I'm not a raver, I'm not a tweaker, I'm not nine years old, but I do love me some glow sticks. Maybe it is the influence of electro becoming more and more ingratiated into pop music, or maybe it is a result of the nineties becoming retro-cool, but I think they are amzing and am drawn to them like a fly to a bright blue bug zapper!

Things have advanced since the days of simple glow stick - Look at this pirates booty of wonderful things that you can get to glow in the dark! - But, I am a purist. I appreciate the time and place for ticky-tacky accoutrement, but you gotta chill the F* out if you wanna play it cool with the GS. Don't think of it as a party gag. Think of it as a work of wonderful art.

Think of Dan Flavin, the remarkable sculptor/artist who did amazing works with the same neon lights available at most stores. "Dan Flavin's light sculptures illuminate everything around them," Susan Stamberg reported. "His fluorescent lights don't just hang there. They inhabit space. They wash the walls with color, they mix colors so the white walls seem painted. They bathe space -- and visitors -- in a warm and completely artificial glow." Isn't this how you want to feel?

I love his installations. The magical-helio-color therapy that happens in the presence of his work is totally insane and intense. Now, I don't expect anyone to cary around huge neon tubes, but here are a few ways I tricked out my bag Tokyo Drift style. Not only can I always find it in a dark bar, but if i get desperate, I can throw the glow inside the bag and find my Sh*.

One last (and more utilitarian) idea...my friends and I have begun to cary just the sticks (un-activated) in our pockets to unfamiliar bars. When one of us is over it and ready to go, we simply crack the thing on. This way the others know that it is time to wrap things up and make towards the door without depending on the blackberry.

Go get some and see how handy, if not chique you can make them...having trouble finding them? Check the back of your mom's freezer. I bet you left one there long ago to keep the glow alive...




I had to get a pair of black pants for work. More than my shock of not having a sufficient pair, was my amazement when what I thought would be a throw-away pair of jeans became my new favorite pair of pants! It make zero sense that I own them, but they fit so well that I never want to take them off! Call me difficult...

Here are the bazaar facts on these odd little pants...

is the brand. It is a juniors brand that I have since found available at Kohls.
I got them at A glorified Goodwill that sells...stuff I guess. Mine are a size 11 (Whatever the hell that is) and they were $13. If you find any, try them on! If you don't want them, LET ME KNOW!




It is fun to make easy meals. My last recipe has been keeping me nice and fed through-out the summer, but now that fall is totally keeping me busy in the yard, my appetite has moved on towards heartier fare.

I am a huge fan of comfort food and skinny jeans. Unfortunately, the two don't always go hand-in-hand. Piles of stuffing and mashed potatoes give me "...and when he woke up his pillow was gone" dreams, but unless I'm looking for muffin tops for dessert, I need to get creative. Lucky for me I am.

Substituting cauliflower for potatoes is nothing new, but here is a fun way to make it spicy. Oh, and you get to use a blender...how fitting...


* Cauliflower
* Salt and EVOO
* Mushrooms (I used Shiitake)
* Spices (cinnamon, pepper, curry, lime)
* Milk not shown oops.

Slice the mushrooms, wash them with oil, salt, then roast
...while you...
Steam the cauliflower


Blend the cauliflower with the dry spices in a bit of milk.
When the desired texture is achieved, throw in the mushrooms for a few seconds.

serve as a puree or keep the mushrooms in bigger pieces for texture. Salt and pepper to taste and garnish with the lime.





Some of the best fashion photography around! The link is also on the side-bar...



Stacked, 2004, 20 x 24 inches - chromogenic Print

Anyone lucky enough to be in NYC between Sep. 10 and Oct. 10 should head on over to the Foley Gallery to check out artist Thomas Allen's new show Epilogue. If you can't make it, check out his book of photography entitled UNCOVERED. There is the bonus treat of the forward being written by book cover designer extraordinaire Chip Kidd.

I love these images. The use of pulp novel sculpture blended with fine art photography is fantastically powerful. Is is a commentary on sex? violence? truth? recycling? In this new series of work, the narrative is reduced to the final scene, often the scene of the crime. How and why these characters have come together in their drama is up to us to decide.

Fury, 2006, 24 x 20 inches - chromogenic Print

Stranger, 2005, 20 x 24 inches - chromogenic Print

Distraction, 2006, 20 x 24 inchess - chromogenic Print

Gripping, 2007, 20 x 24 inches - chromogenic Print



Korea sure can crank out some amazing designers! My newest hero hails from Rotterdam and shows at AIF. Hyun Yeu studied Business Management at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia, where he lived for seven years before going on to obtain an additional BA in Fashion Design at Gerrit Reitveld Academy in the Netherlands. His collection, inspired by the wings of butterflies, is heart-melting! I love the idea of taking the modern dandy into the future with fabric. Take a peek...




It isn't quite cold enough for this sweater, and Rhuel No. 925 is getting phased out by it's parent co. A&F, but that still isn't stopping me from adding this to my wish list. It is a little bit prep, and a little bit boho. Not too trendy to wear once, and not to 'Crombie to make me puke. I'd wear it like a coat.