When I was in LA, one of my best friends (that's him) and I used to spend hours upon hours of days upon days keeping ourselves busy and happy.  We both seemed to have the same amount of free time (a lot) and similar interests, and always had a blast.  Inevitably, we would get hungry and turn to spending or scavenging for food.  One day while I was busy with Beautiful Katamari, he read my mind and came out of the kitchen with the most amazing salad he had just "come up with."  It was so good that I stole the recipe, and have now made it dozens of times.  Everything you need is at Trader Joe's...if you can manage the walk from Larrabee to Westbourne.  LOVE YOU LUCA!


What You Will Need

  *Salt and Pepper
  *Lime Juice
     *Omega Trail Mix
     *Faga Greek Yogurt

After washing the broccolini, Chop off the the bottom two inches, Steam the tops until bright green, Rinse in cold water.    


Fold in the yogurt, trail mix and lime juice.  (If you have the patience, let it sit in the fridge for a bit)  

Salt and pepper to taste and eat it up!