So, this isn't the newest movie around, I actually told myself I would wait for it to come out on DVD...and I just watched it on Netflix.  I'm pissed I waited.  The whole time I was watching it, all I wanted to do was wear every outfit from the film. Who knew that fictional, vampiric 12-year-old Russians held the most inspiring fashion sense I have seen in a long time?  The film was like a big glossy eurorag:  I could kind of understand the content, but was mostly edging with a visual orgasm because of such amazing looks.

The best part is that non of it looks difficult or expensive.  It was a clean case of bomb styling, killer lighting, and perfect modern/vintage clothes.  Very less is more.  It is what you dream of looking like as you drive to your favorite thrift store thinking, "Today is the day I find great stuff."    

Do yourself a huge service:  when you feel like you have nothing to wear, rent this movie.  You'll think of something...and look so F* good!