Headbands.  There all over the place.  Always.  I though they would go away, I've thought,  "they are over," I laugh when I see them, and I still kinda love them.  I think I know why - They are fun to wear.  I can't be a hater when, in truth, I see the banded culprit across the room and want to be wearing one!  I'm going to let go of my hate and just accept the fact that they will be around for ever.  Indians, Flappers, Break-dancers, Cherrie from Punky Brewster...It all works.  I just may try to avoid wearing one when there is a pandemic of headgear in the clubs...looking like everyone else isn't fun.  Best idea, find a good one, wear it a few times, then put it away for a while.  Wear it to have fun, not to look cool.  After all, the coolest people at the party are the ones having the most fun.