Rarely do stars align as perfectly as they did for me in getting these pants.  I was checking out the new Barney's Co-Op in Philly and saw the most amazing pants on an employee.  After some talking, he informed me that he got them not at Barney's...but at ZARA...jaw dropping...just the day before...jaw falling slack...for $39...jaw on the floor.  Before his hand was down from pointing in the direction of ZARA, I was out the door.  I'm sure my dust cloud outline thanked him before dissipating.  

At ZARA,  I was informed that they were completely sold out.  RAGE. Now, the big Z doesn't have the most helpful methods of operation. Their system is regularly down, they don't ship between stores, and they don't sell over the phone or online.  Long story short, find it in your store or you're S.O.L. I wasn't taking it today. I had the sales associate on the computer and on the phone.  

Finally, we found a lone pair in Century City. Ugh. Only 3,000 miles away. Lucky for me I have amazing friends who don't mind buying and shipping me clothes. HOORAY!!! My friend agreed and the pants were on hold. I was tense for a bit wondering if my friend was really going to do this, but when I got her call from inside the store I was elated, walking on sunshine, and super ready to try them on!

Now I have them, and I want to wear them every day! They fit like a dream and look F* crazy good. However, the best part of them was in the getting...