It is snowing today.  I can hardly believe it.  I don't know whether my mood is effected by the weather or vice versa... I have been a bit glum lately, but in an attempt to make some lemonade (if only it was warm enough to drink some) I have thought of some ways to make myself feel better.  One major way would be by going out and getting a sexy little coat like this.  It isn't a bolero, it isn't a blazer, it isn't bad at all.  It is perfect on a day like today - when the weather and wearer can't seem to make up their minds.    I like that it has pockets but they aren't around the hips.  I like that you can sit in this coat and drive in this coat without getting it all bunched up around you.  I like that you can look sporty and springy and still keep warm when it starts to snow in the middle of April...