I have been the biggest fan of Anzevino and Florence ever since I moved to L.A. almost five years ago. They always had the most amazing things! Their store on Hollywood was amazing and would have these fantastic sample sales. I would stock up on sling-shot shirts by the handful and wear them year round. It still has to be one of my favorite looks in a really long time. On top of having such amazing clothes, the designers and staff over at AZFN are the F*ing coolest people to ever embarrass yourself in front of.

Their Fall '09 collection has an even more special place in my heart because one of my best friends in the whole wide world (and my first roommate when I moved to Los Angeles) is now the model for them! WAY TO GO TIZZY! LOOKING HOT! It just makes the world seem like such a small and happy place to be able to see such special things and people come together. Ugh! I can't dig it enough. More here...

T in the New...J in the old sling-shot