Dr. Bronner's Magic

Working out has its benefits.  It also has one major drawback. The DAILY SHOWER after the workout. It's not a relaxing shower, it's more of a duty and a courtesy to others. I'm all for a long-getting-ready-shower in the evening before I go out, or in the morning when I have time, but after a workout I just want to get in, clean off and move on.  18-in-1 Hemp PEPPERMINT PURE-CASTILE SOAP...is just the thing for the job!  I love it.  You can wash everything with it.  It lathers like a champ, it tingles on the skin (feels great after a workout) and just rinses right off.  

The really great part is that it keeps your shower quick and as eco-friendly as possible.  After all, if you do something everyday, you should really try to make it as harmless as possible...just don't try to read the bottle...your shower will take forever...