IS IT...?

I do not endorse forgeries, and I do not condone knock-offs. You can write this down as one of my rules. And like all rules, there is always an exception that proves them. Self realized hypocrisy can really make a person stronger. Looking at things from both sides, understanding different perspectives, and analyzing situations on a variety of levels are all characteristics I find in my very best friends.

So what do you get when a fake is so good? I have a few examples...

1. The Tribute Band: Forever Diamond is a Neil Diamond tribute band that I have seen a few times in Cincinnati. They are amazing. I was turned onto them by my mother (of all people!) The lead singer and acoustic guitarist are the sons of two of her good friends. I love a good ND song, and hearing a whole show of them where you can sing along with a crowd is spectacular. No, Vassar College Sunday Brunch piano rendition of Sweet Caroline doesn't count! One song isn't really a "tribute," more "an excuse to bang on the table." I'm eager to hear what other kinds of tribute bands are out there...

2. When Designers Don't Make What You Want: A little DIY/homage project never hurt anyone...I saw a pair of these in NYC a few fashion weeks ago. I ran across the room and begged the man wearing them to disclose where he got them. He made them out of an old pair of Vans and a Canal St. Goyard bag. GENIUS. Just don't sell them.