A good pocketknife is a wonderful thing to have. Swiss Army is the staple, and in celebration of the 125th Anniversary, Swiss Army has been traveling the country in a fully-branded airstream trailer, showcasing the history of Swiss Army through film, photographs, iconic products and new limited edition pieces (some shown above).

If you turn your nose up at a $450 pocket knife, i suppose the next most wonderful thing to get would be the trailer...It has a great mountain view built in, and you get that great pocket knife feel when you release the canopy! I or one adore traveling in style, but this may be a little too 60 Thompson for my camping needs.

On the other hand, a tear drop trailer is PERFECT! I first was able to camp with them when a friend of mine who hand builds them took me along for a trip. It was so cute and fun, like staying in a Smurf mushroom house. Instead of buffering my outdoors experience, it really enhanced the whole thing. And, when you hand make them, you have the options of including anything you want and going as luxe as you want. It is another great way to express your style...and bring it all over the country! Up for it? Wiki can show you how...