I Don't know if it is because there is a lot on my mind...actually, I know it is because I have a lot on my mind, but I just don't know what it is on my mind's plate that is keeping me from making some (i suppose not so important) decisions...but decisions all the same. This is pitifully hypocritical of me since I value and am quite drawn to people who can make up their mind easily.

My quandary is this: While rummaging around the backs of my closets and bottoms of boxes, I have managed to resurrect a few pieces into my new fall line up. I just don't really know what direction I want to move in. There is 1) this retro-urban-punk-skater-nautical-prep idea that I am quite drawn to, and 2) this futuristic-90's grunge-layers-black&white-texture moment I would like to draw out.

So these are they - on me - I would love to hear what others think of these looks (in general, on me, on them - attach a photo). It isn't the most important thing you may decide on today, but, hey, at least it is one...

...and while you are feeling judgmental, take a listen to these here groups and think which one might be better on a fall ipod...I can't decide between these either...



glass candy

black joe lewis & the honeybears


sharon jones & the dap kings