I love the beach. The sun, the water, the people, it is all so good. Ironically, I'm not such a big fan of sand. I appreciate it - I love beach glass, sand castles (u.s. open sand castle competition is this weekend!), and a great exfoliate, but when it sticks all over me...fuggedaboutit...

This used to be a difficult task, but thanks to technology, there are a slew of products out there that make it simple to keep the sand off your body when applying summer necessities. Below are a few of my favorites shown off with a few summer bodies (hey, it's August already! Gotta show it while we can). These hands-off sprays are just the trick to keep you free and clear from spreading those pesky little grains around.

beat the heat with evian and dsquared2

dolce & gabanna fears no bugs with skinsations

moncler gamme bleu protects from UV rays

alexis mabille is night-ready with bond street's fire island (smells like a day at the beach!)