My niece just went on a back to school shopping trip for her first day outfit. I remember LOVING this trip! Looking back, I can't believe some of the things I wanted to wear. Lucky for me I had a mom who loved me enough to get them anyway...
One thing that I do wish I could go back and get were some of the shoes I had. I was obsesses with carrying my lunch money/token in my Kangaroo shoes. Like all things 80s, they are back and available to adults. While my lunch may cost more, it still is fun to carry that extra $20 around in the little pouch.

Now, why can't other fun kid shoes be made available to adults?! I realize that a sexy adult shoe is more acceptable on most occasions, but sometimes a fun shoe is just more, well, FUN. Below are some shoes I would love to add to the floor of my closet...if they only came in my size...

hippy trippy from Keds

lights, camera, yes please

so good

better than a segue