A stylist (boy)friend of mine gave me the solid advice to never where flip-flops. "They are gross, tacky, impossible to make cool, and make you look like you don't care at all." Yikes! After that, I wished my flip-flopped feet would curl up and die under my house like the Wicked Witch of the East. But good advice, while hard to swallow, is still good advice. He was a doll and bought me a sweet $10 pair of woven huaraches, and I saved my flops strictly for on beach/in house use. Now my troubles are finding more shoes that are just as easy...

Here they are. The Generic Man and their lower priced line Generic Surplus are amazing. Easy cool and comfortable, they look great with shorts or pants or even a suit (swim or 3-piece). Here are a few of my faves (the mesh ones above are THE BEST!) 

GM - Tuxman

GS - Plimsol

GM - Golfer