It is hard to become a fan of getting your photo taken. At first, it is unsettling how many people run around with cameras, know all their angles, and are somehow experts at taking photos of themselves with their arm streatched waaaaaay out. Then came The Cobrasnake: not only did you have to look cute, but now you had to look stand out fun! Ugh, the pressure just to get some digital snapshots! Now, there are hundreds of party photo scenesters, and every photo ever taken seems to be posted on facebook within minutes of the flash, you have to quickly master your angles and lean-ins...


I'm liking the whole "Who gives a F*" attitude and exaggerated anarchy look of shakyface. (self-explanatory, no?  Just shake your face fast and loosely while the photo is being snapped) Not only do you get AMAZING photos, but they are really special. Who wants to be the girl who always makes the same face? The trend has been popping up at some parties I have been to, and I have even started doing it with my friends to punctuate special days out.  Not to be out-done, my BFF even had everyone at her ultra-cool wedding do it! I must say, the professional quality of the photos really does add another level to the whole process of presenting yourself.

So, see and be seen, have a good time, be yourself, and don't panic when a kid with a big camera gets all up in your bizzy - just give some good shakyface and party on!

the lovely bride and her brother

the lucky groom

the bridesmaid

the minister