Summer: 'Tis the season to hit the malls. If not to just avoid the heat, but it gives one time to look at all of the trends of yesteryear and see how they have all trickled town to the streets. There is also something quite comforting about standing inside of a Gap/Guess/AppleStore/J. Crew... whatever... closing your eyes and pretending you are anywhere in the world - A poor man's summer travels...sigh... I took an environmentally controlled walk down memory lane yesterday and was surprised at how fast things are now moving from runway to mallway. There was also this omnipresent style of shirt that I was quite drawn too. It is derivative and superlative at the same time, and completely sums up my trip to the Auntie Anne's scented bubble of...ooooh!  A new lip balm at Sephora!!!

Where was I?  Oh yes...This shirt.  Its cute, no? I love the adjustable length sleeve and slim/wrinkly cut. Keep at it corporate America! Find one in any store in any mall anywhere.  

Hollister Co.'s

Banana Republic's