I am totally into all things blind. I was desperate to take a look at the new television show Dating in the Dark, and even begged my friend over at Logjammin' to watch it with me. I had a feeling it would be culturally relevant, but never imagined it would be so cringe-tastic! The whole idea of meeting people in the dark and drawing conclusions etc. was fascinating, and got me thinking of all kinds of scenarios...which the show indulgently played out.

I began thinking too about an NPR story I heard a while back about dining in the dark. The restaurant was waaaaaay over in Zurich and I was waaaaaaay over in Ohio, but I was enthralled about the experience. So much that when I moved to LA and caught wind of a place in West Hollywood called Opaque that delivered the same concept, I was quick to make a reservation.

Now, I may not be the only person thinking that blind is the new black. A handful of my favorite avant garde designers seemed to be looking forward to a future where looking forward isn't necessarily a possibility for their Spring 2010 collections. When my friends and I play with that book If, I have always answered the question, "If you had to loose one of your senses, which would it be?" with an unwavering "Smell!" Now I may have to rethink that answer...at least temporarily....  

Henrik Vibskov S/S 2010

Peter Petrov S/S 2010

Boris Bidjan Saberi S/S 2010

Wooyoungmi S/S 2010