It's funny how such little things can make a big difference, like the nuances of what makes a city tick, or the particular way people engage in their lives. What am I getting at...Chicago is a funny town. I love how helpful and chatty everyone is. While taking a cross-town walk cocktail break, I struck up conversation with a terrific pair who suggested I check out Hejifina for some post drinks shopping. A tiny store I could have walked right by, it had some amazing things for a town I thought was more Corn Queen Ceremony than Opening Ceremony. My mistake. 

If you are in Chi-town, check it out! If you aren't, head to the online shop and take advantage of some sick sales. Here are a few of my fave pics... 

Sabatino tank

Robert Geller Henley

1529 n milwaukee * chicago, il 60622 * 773.772.0002