I went to a toy store with my six (and a half!) year-old niece the other day and we picked out a coloring book we could both enjoy. She is quite the little artist and I am quite the indulgent uncle...okay, okay, I wanted it too...

The cover pattern immediately made me think of the Dries collection in Paris. I love his 50s graphics and color pallet combined with his modern perspective for the "Tokyo Meets Calcutta" Spring 2010 collection. The only thing that didn't gel for me was the rainbow pallet the coloring book utilized. But it got me thinking, "Maybe I could color the pages to more accurately reflect some of my favorite Paris S/S 2010 collections that really pushed the color/pattern limits!"

The shows, in general, were very somber in their tonal range, but if you have been following this blog at all, you know that I am a fan of color and will hunt it down. Lucky for me there were some usual suspects who really delivered. Below are a few pages I colored while playing babysitter...

Dries Van Noten 

Comme des Garcons

John Galliano