Vacation time also proved to be a lesson on party time. I always knew my family was fun, but I didn't realize how much fun they were until I had a substantial amount of assumed A-list fun under my belt, and my family put it to SHAME. While a favorite favor has got to be Denise Richards' Funbags, I have to say that topping the list now is GAMES!

It was refreshing (to say the least) to get out of the "party scene" and into a *party scene* for a while...as a person can sometimes forget that a party should be playful and not work. The NY Times actually notes an under-current trend in un-working parties in this article, and I fully endorse! My BFF in WeHo used to host Ga(y)me Nights at his place and they were a blast except for the debauch photos that were instantly available on Facebook...well, some of them really are great photos...

Now, weather or not you allow photos, you have to loosen up and get some games at your parties! Sitting around with the people you came with not talking because you are nose deep in your iPhone texting people who may or may not come is not cool. Below are two easy and amazing games I have recently played and never had more genuine fun! Be a good host and supply them, or be a better guest and bring one! Whoonu is kind of like Apples to Apples (also an amazing game) and lets you learn about the people you are partying with in a non-prying way. Pinatas...do I really have to defend these? Fill them with anything you'd like, pass a bat around, and let the good time roll!