I came across two very different (from the ordinary) but similar (to each other) things in the past few days. While re-perusing through the fall 2010/2011 collections, I couldn't help but stop and admire the collection of Adam Kimmel. While the clothes aren't really my style, there is no doubt that the "sartorial luxury" is there and I heartily appreciate the sense of humor that the designer injects into his presentations.

Speaking of a sense of humor...

What makes Ryan Berkley's prints so amazing is the exceptional amount of character he can supply to each one with the aid of the little descriptions. I was laughing out loud while exploring all his available creatures...

look at this little guy - all dressed up and ready for his school picture! Or maybe he is in one of those old timey western photo booths? Or maybe he actually is old-timey. I'll go ahead and let you decide. This is the perfect gift if you know someone who likes portraits of bunnies in suits (and really, isn't that almost everyone?).

Now, take a look at some of my favorite looks from the collection and prints from gallery. Brilliant, absurd, irreverent, charming...all things an out-of-the-ordinary head in a suit should most perfectly be.