I love a good "outside of my bubble" experience; sometimes it is all you need to get re-inspired or to recharge the ol' batteries. My dad and step-mom are huge advocates of B&Bs. I have never been to one...until recently in Albuquerque. They are so fun, and the perfect place to regroup your brains.

After a few days on the road, it was an unexpected yet well earned turn that took us to the Heritage House. Deciding to blow off the day's driving to blow off some steam was the only option, and NM was the place. I normally don't do well in the homes of others, but the family next door that ran it was so great! They were extremely welcoming, but stayed way out of our hair. They had lots of great treats around, and we had free reign of the B&B - kitchen and all. Best of all, they had a tiny farm and made our breakfast with fresh eggs. Tres good, and perfect after a night of Karaokque in Albuquerque. Weirdest of all, the house was once the domicile of a national traitor who sold A-bomb secrets to the Russians. Creeptown.    
Enjoy the mini vacation photos, then go take your own! I'm sure you deserve a break.