4000 WORDS

Photo:  Andrew Mccaul/Good Housekeeping

My grandma fell down the stairs. Subsequently, I have been spending a bit of time in doctors' waiting rooms. While the reading pickings are slim, I found a little gem in a Good Housekeeping. I'm in llurve with this idea of cutting up posters and making them a little more interesting over the sofa.  I think posters can look so dorm room, and, as I grow older, I try to avoid that look. I also adore collages, groupings, wall stories...the more the merrier.

Below are some pictures I doctored up to see if there was any anxiety in their separation.  I don't think there is. Try this with a vintage poster or photo. Maybe don't even group them directly together - make them part of a bigger collage...there are endless possibilities. 

After a great fall, it is nice to see that my grandma isn't the only thing that can be put back together again...