I have been gardening a lot this Spring. This is new. I have terrible allergies so have never gotten that into it, but I must say that it is quite rewarding to see plants grow because of me.

With this fledgling joy came a big flip side. Digging around in the soil really emphasized how terrible my nails have been looking and how inadequate my toiletry situation had gotten. So, I have since found some very clever and useful new tools to aid in my gardening/do-it-yourself enjoyment. Rubis Swiss and Dovo have the best in the biz.

Now, when I've been out manicuring the garden, I can come in and treat myself to one too. This way, I don't have to wear gloves to parties, and if I bring someone home-grown flowers, instead of looking like I stole them off a grave out of which I clawed, I will look charming and savvy. Score!