I just got schooled.  I thought I knew the places to go and the ways to rummage, but F* was I mistaken. I was recently taken around L.A. for an in-depth tutorial on how and when to find the best of the best in vintage clothing...and it is WAR. These people are no joke.  Lucky for me, neither was my commander and I am a quick learner. Armed with our keen eyes and quick hands, we left a notable mark on the battlefields of boxes.  

Gone are the days of $100 t-shirts and $80 blazers. I know how to get them all for a nickel! And, they are all fresh from the morgue or jail or wherever these fashionable souls lost hold of their clothes - no middle man, no racks, no hangers, no markets.  

Get it done people. Learn the ways of the thrift.  Dig?