It is nice to clear out some space in your life. After all, fashion is ephemeral. It is especially nice when you can make a little cash doing it. Even better, is when you can tidy out your closet, make a little coin, and hang out with your friends while doing it. Group yard sales are perfect for that.

Other bonuses include: seeing your friends' old crap, observing the weirdos that come to yard sales up close, a day outside you can chalk up as productive, furniture outside, and haggling practice. 


Use a tree as display.

Display things that spark questions. Interaction = sales.

People love old education books.  seriously.

It can't all be work.

When you are low on customers, go through all your stuff and see what movies you can re-enact. Here we have Aladdin. The one in the middle is the monkey or the genie...I think.