I don't know why Australia has been on my mind lately, possibly all the sexy Virgin Air "Fly Fabulous" ads around the airport...and the fact that I have been driving to the airport A LOT, maybe the heat, maybe I just love ONJ too much, but it has been on the brain. 

There are some pretty exciting brands that pop up from the other side of the world. Chronicles of Never is a constant favorite. Here are some more of my favorite things from the land of lifeguards...

These fresh white shirts are from St. Augustine Academy's "Corpus Christi Carol" collection. Skinny rock n' roll done right out of Sydney. I hear ya' And, love the nails... 

Maybe my new favorite all over collection of the summer: Love Thy Neighbour is so F* good. The collection is called "Wonder Years." Um. Please. Yes. Now. EXTRA GOOD - the "Kevin Bacon Denim" lace up. Messing myself.

These shorts are wonderful. Denim shorts are as comfortable to wear as they are hard to pull off. These look so good people will want to pull the off you. The brand is Thousand Reasons Denim. They come in lots of washes. 

These silk sweaters are FABU! I love UNISEX clothes! Look at how good they make everyone look! The label is Pete Versus Toby. The collection is "Recession Depression Expression." We're all in this together! They have amazing tanks and t's too in a collection called "Fly Without Wings." 

Finally, the underwear from down under. AussieBum is borderline fetish-wear, and I'm okay with that. The boys, The bodies, the beach. Check, Check, Check. The latest (and greatest) from them is the "Catch of the Day" brief. Get it? Like a net...