It is getting HOT in Milan! I am loving the shows and the clothes and the drama. Italo Zucchelli's collection for CK was translucent like film, and Muccia Prada's collection was film noir. CK was a futuristic take on classics and Prada was a classical look towards the future. Both we spectacular; rich, young, and very very sexy. But, that is not all they had in common. Is this a TREND ALERT or something sinister?  Lets set the stage for these two super-designers to battle out these coincidences comic book style!  

Dig the sheer sleeves. Who wore it better?

The NEW grey suit.

Blazer? Check. Layers? Check. Short-Shorts? Check.

CK goes bold color, Prada goes bold graphic.

Coat? Check, Shorts? Check. Sexy leg muscles? Check.

Sheer and sleeveless. Be careful if you mix and match the collections, or people won't need x-ray vision to size you up.

HMMMmmm...They are both so good, I suppose it is a draw for now...Until we meet again!