Photo: Irving Penn

I am loving on capes right now. They are so bohemian and snobby at the same time, very futuristic yet retro, fun yet serious, and above all, PRACTICAL. They conceal quite a bit, keep you warm when you need, flip to the back when you are over it, fold up so nicely, and just add the best touches of mystery and elegance. 

While a lightweight item, they come with a ton of connotative baggage. Because of this, you really have to think before you put one on. The worst is if it looks like a [king, pauper, Jack the Ripper, Grim Reaper, elf, wizard, superhero, gay baron, Little Red Ridinghood]  costume.  Having said that, you DO want to have fun with it. Make it your own.

There are a few styles to work from, some are more cardigan-like, some are more formal (Victorian vs. Navajo styles), and some are better for day than night. Be brave. There has to be a reason they have been around for so long. Find the right one for you, and become that reason. 

*Note* If someone asks you to LARP with them, you are in the wrong cape... 

My new cape worn a few ways.

Fall 09/10 shows by McQueen, April 77, Etro

Cameron @ Night, Bj @ Day