I am OBSESSED...again. So many things these days are graphic and visual and hyper colored. While I am a big fan of clean, modern lines and bright shapes, too much of it creates visual noise that become drowning, boring and derivative. Into a visually exhausting sea of chaos and color I submit a clean and clear idea that may be a source of all of the deriving. In 1928 Consolidated Lamp and Glass Co. introduced it's "Ruba Rombic" collection of glassware. It so cool it could be the cover of a Neon Indian album. It blows my mind that this was done in the 20s! The natural, graphic appeal of this glass (my favorite is the fishbowl above with custom pedestal) has withstood the test of time and has made this one of the most covetable collectables around...if you can find it...

Can't seem to find any? There is a modern designer doing her thing in a similar way - this time out of clear acrylic with neon accents. Alexandra Von Furstenburg's "Voltage" and "Fearless" collections are so rad and modern that it makes me want to throw out all my furniture immediately.

This is a coffee table!