I like when you find good things in ironic places. It has been hard for me to find perfect obsessions recently since I seem to always be looking in the same places and it all starts to look the same...

Enter the L.L. Bean catalog. I was mindlessly flipping through it while waiting in a friend's parent's living room (I mean, I had already exhausted the Pottery Barn Kids) and these popped out at me!

They are kind of an extension of these leggings from forever ago (ok, less than a year) and I can totally imagine myself stalking prey in them. They are a little yuppy, a little white trash, a little Where the Wild Things Are, and a little bit Guns N Ammo...and they are actually called the Wicked Good Moccasins!!! ...Does the prez of L.L. know what the interns are getting up to over there in Maine? I LOVES.